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Welcome to Lawrence’s View!  I am William “Bill” Lawrence, a landscape photographer living in Bethesda, MD.  In a hectic world, I find peace and a chance for reflection in nature.  I love the wide open spaces, and capturing the beauty of these places in my photography.  For me, photography is a contemplative art, and my intent is to convey my feelings of peace and reflection through my photographs.

I have been photographing since my parents gave me a Kodak instamatic in grade school.  Having done underwater photography for a number of years, in the last decade or so I have chosen to focus on landscape photography.  I have used a number of cameras over the years, from a 35mm SLR, to a 4×5 view camera, to 35mm and medium format digital cameras.  My site’s name, Lawrence’s View, is in part an homage to working with a view camera, which inspired me to slow down and take a more contemplative approach to my photography – an approach I carry with me no matter what my subject is or what equipment I am carrying.

The process of taking photographs in the field, and creating prints that convey what I felt when photographing, brings me joy.  Please feel free to explore my site; I hope the photos bring you some of the joy that I have felt.

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Join Patty Hankins and me for a one day workshop using large format cameras and instant film.  Why fake it in Instagram when you can do it for real?

Retro Photography for the Digital Age:

Photographing with Large Format Cameras and Instant Film

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